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User Adoption

QA’s User Adoption methodology supports an organisation to effect successful changes in technology, operational processes, ‘new ways of working’ and capability development.

Features and Benefits

Best return on investment

  • We provide advice on potential issues to help you make your change programme more effective
  • Our structured framework ensures that post ‘go-live’ performance dip is minimised
  • Early value creation is maximised
  • Return is often better than expected

An end-to-end solution

  • Our programme is not usually available from systems integrators
  • Clear line of accountability and governance across
    the process
  • Dedicated project management expertise keeps things moving
  • We manage multiple issues that commonly arise to ensure fast delivery

A flexible, bespoke approach

  • You can pick and choose what you do – or don’t do (under our coherent framework)
  • Single point of contact to ensure key accountability and ownership
  • Access to resource wherever you need it
  • Powerful, regular reporting to keep everyone informed throughout

Why QA?

We are experts, using a proven methodology, who thrive on the challenge and will work alongside you, or on your behalf, to deliver your user adoption projects on time.

How do we do it?

We create and maintain a wide range of  focussed project services that delivers:

  • Engagement
  • Communications
  • Education

We bring:

  • Best alignment of IT knowledge and end user focus - embedding communications within your programmes
  • Support resources that are customer facing and
    dedicated to the smooth implementation of the programme
  • Education of key stakeholders

In addition

Our methodology provides a re-usable framework in place for future programmes with collateral that can be expanded and built upon.

Our world class Project Services help solve business change and adoption issues:

Project Management

Scoping, Planning & Adoption

Risk Management


Change Control

& Scheduling

Communications & Business Engagement

Dedicated Delivery Teams

Content Development

Design & Online Services

Measurement & Quality

Reporting & Closure

Here’s when and where QA can help:

L&D have sent people on new software courses – but adoption rates and user satisfaction have not improved.

Some ‘Super Users’ have been recruited but Users are not always certain who they are, or how Users can be supported - although Super Users always seem keen to help.

Lack of adoption has resulted in a significant rise in calls to your Support Desk with Users unsure of how to use their new technologies.

Your Business Units are not
giving their full support and just want their users to ‘get on with it'.

Your busy Service Desk staff do not really understand what the business really needs and they don’t have time to find out.

There is cultural resistance to usage of a new platform, software, methodology or process.

Your people are reluctant to use Office 365/smart devices to work from home or away from home.

Productivity has dropped since
you introduced Windows 10.

View our User Adoption Case Studies

Whether migrating business applications, introducing new ways of working to your organisation or developing new skills, talk to QA about how we can help you and ensure success.

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