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Service Management

QA provides expert insight and guidance across the L&D function to increase value, efficiency and transform your organisation.

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Managed Learning Services (MLS) are a proven approach to improving an organisation’s talent and overall business performance. As a dedicated learning business, QA provides a flexible and proven solution, which consistently brings tangible service improvements to its clients. The experience that has been built over the past 20 years, allowing us to provide enhanced service efficiencies, high quality and flexible learning solutions, increased internal customer satisfaction and a partnership that can demonstrate real savings and additional value to the business.

Service Management

Design, Delivery & Continuous Improvement

MI and Analytics

  • Service reporting - activity and SLA
  • Learning reports - Evaluation & Quality reports
  • Benchmarking data

Customer Service Desk

  • Enquiry handling – advice
  • Advice and guidance
  • Booking & pre-course support
  • Delegate communications

Relationship Management

  • Cultural alignment
  • Setting direction and alignment to strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Access to learning solutions and innovation

Service Delivery

  • Service governance & review
  • Service evaluation - reporting and management
  • Benefits realisation
  • Continuous Improvement (Service, learning delivery)
  • Issue management and complaints handling

Implementation and change management

  • Service definition - Learning process design, Technology implementation/integration
  • Implementation -  project and change management
  • Communications, engagement and adoption
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Learning Solutions

Our DNA and Philosophy

Learning Operations

Best Practice Efficiency, Capability and Analytics

Training Administration

  • Event scheduling and logistics
  • Scheduling optimisation
  • Resource management – trainers and materials
  • Pre & post course logistics
  • Billing and finance

Supplier Management

  • Market intelligence - showcase and innovation
  • Supplier on-boarding and selection
  • Commercial negotiation, contracting and procurement
  • Performance management
  • Strategic sourcing - RFP/RFI management
  • PSL management, review and benchmarking

Portals and LMS

  • Bespoke client portals
  • Integration to client learning technology
  • LMS provision

Evaluation & Benchmarking

  • Pre and post course evaluations
  • Kirkpatrick level 1 – 5
  • Benchmark data

Strategy and Consulting

Direction, Alignment and Transformation

Strategy & Planning

  • Learning strategy
  • Needs analysis
  • Demand planning

Skills & Capability building

  • Competency Frameworks
  • Capability Mappings

Portfolio Development

  • Service reporting - activity and SLA
  • Learning reports - Evaluation & Quality reports
  • Benchmarking data

Service Design

From the initial steps of service implementation to the maturity of a third year of service provision, relationships and communication are critical to an effective service. We ensure that we deploy the right people with the prior knowledge and skills to really make a difference. Continuous improvement is driven through insightful data, benchmarking and bringing in our wealth of experience from supporting many other organisations.

  • Service design & delivery– service definition, implementation, governance and execution
  • Relationship management – a partnership focused on delivering success
  • Customer service desk -  dedicated team to guide and support learners
  • MI & Analytics – insight and data to drive continuous improvement

Implementation & Change

The Service DeliveryManager (SDM) ensures that the scope outlined within the Service Definition Document is then implemented, acting as the Project Manager ensuring that all the milestones are met, effective communications lines are in place and go-live goes ahead on schedule, whilst meeting all expectations in the process. From the point of go-live, the SDM will act as member of the QA relationship and service management team, ensuring any changes to the service are managed effectively and deliver the intended value.

Relationship Management

A dedicated relationship management team is appointed that is responsible for the ongoing contract management, service delivery and the scoping of new requirements. The team is supplemented with dedicated delivery experts and senior strategic sponsorship. QA will help you to manage your learning and development pathway and increase the value of L&D to the organisation. Where appropriate, we will cushion your L&D professionals from the noise of time consuming day-to-day administration, freeing their time to add greater value by focusing upon more creative and strategic learning solutions.

Service Governance

Effective service governance and contract management drives collaborative interactions and provides feedback mechanisms that encourage communication, which in turn drives desirable behaviours from both parties. An effective service governance model is typically made up of well-defined roles and responsibilities, whilst outlining exactly how QA will manage the service on a day to day basis, that provides a set of assurances that the service will meet the contracted expectations. This will be reinforced by effective factual reporting shared with all stakeholders via the service review meetings

Continuous Service Improvement

Any form of improvement that is sought must either reflect an improvement in employee experience or something that can be aligned to the organisation’s learning strategy. Tactical improvements can take the form of changes to the overall service engagement model, ultimately making it easier for employees to access, book and enquire about training. At a more strategic level, we break this down into three key areas;

  • Operational Excellence
  • Development of Delivery
  • Business Relationship

MI and Data Analytics

Management Information helps in capturing data that is needed by organisations to run an effective L&D business area. The data and analysis within QA’s suite of management information helps our customers to;

  • Improve decision making
  • Improve management effectiveness
  • Build improved demand plans for future needs
  • Identify methods to generate greater savings year on year
  • Transition traditional learning delivery to digital delivery

Latest Insights

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Santander- Trusted Partner in Learning

"Re-imagining customer service"

Business Drivers

To achieve the ambition of becoming known as the ‘Best Retail Bank in the UK’, Santander is undertaking an extensive transformation programme. ‘Future Forward’ was conceived to ensure that people development is urgently addressed. Together, we deliver an extraordinary learning solution; drawing from
best-in-class external providers, under the umbrella of QA’s MLS.

How We Worked Together

QA are engaged to work in partnership with the internal programme team and Learning Team.  Our role is to manage all external learning providers who are contributing to the design, development and delivery of the learning solution, and to bring world-class learning and development thinking and innovation to the programme

Services Delivered

Our learning solution is a 24-month blended learning journey, comprising learner, manager and stakeholder engagement, workshops, embedding and coaching activities - as well as a web-based learning portal. Our learning solution is underpinned by 70:20:10; as well as delivering a blended solution, we have built a learning community, mobilised their leadership to support them, and delivered this via a new social learning portal.

Managed Learning Services leadership team

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