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Enabling organisations through learning.

Built from the ground up, our learning programmes drive specific  knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable real change.
Skills. Capability. Difference.

Bespoke Approach

QA's bespoke and blended learning programmes are individually developed to match your specific requirements.

Our experts work with you using the QA development framework.

The QA development framework ensures we consistently deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. It gives us a clear process to follow, assuring quality through defined stages with opportunities for review and sign-off by the client.

By articulating that framework upfront with clients, and then following the agreed processes, we can be sure that we are heading towards a commonly understood and agreed outcome in a way which gives confidence to the client and manages risk effectively. And that outcome is a great solution delivered on-time and on-budget!


Agree a shared vision of success

  • Define the development need and agree outcomes
  • Create the solution architecture
  • Understand the conditions for success
  • Identify outstanding issues to resolve


Specify the solution in detail

  • Define all solution components
  • Agree technical specification
  • Plan implementation strategy
  • Finalise cost and timeline


Build a ready-to-deploy solution

  • Produce all  of the components
  • Review and test the solution
  • Finalise implementation


Provide a high-impact learning experience

  • Deliver the programme
  • Monitor progress of learners
  • Collect evaluation data


Ongoing performance improvement

  • Support ongoing development
  • Analyse evaluation data
  • Measure success and agree next steps

QA Learning Model

The QA Learning Model summarises what we think makes a great learning experience, be that a day in the classroom or a blended programme over six months.

It begins with engage – aligning the organisational requirement for change with the individual’s motivation to participate. Getting this right will ensure the success of all that follows.

Learn and Apply
Learn is what we might classically understand as ‘learning’. The presentation of new information, knowledge and skills. But that in itself is not enough to deliver change in performance. And that is why Learn should always be accompanied with Apply - there should always be the opportunity to practise applying new knowledge and skills, to practise in a safe space, test the boundaries of that new knowledge.

There are two aspects to validation – external validation of what has been learned, be that an exam, an activity or series of activities which prove competency. There’s also internal validation – a process of trying, failing, succeeding, embedding that knowledge until it makes sense to you internally and you are ready to commit to changing your
behaviour. It is, again, the process of aligning organisational and individual needs which results in actual changes in the workplace performance.

This is where new behaviours and skills are actually actioned in the workplace. A great learning experience will include the opportunity for the learner to have continued support back in the workplace to reduce the time to competency, help them embed and develop these new working practices.

Learning is a journey and QA can support the entire cycle from Engage to Perform and of course this is cyclical and so there is the opportunity to accompany the learner on each new learning journey.

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