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Capabilities for today's leaders and managers.

A range of bespoke and accredited management and leadership programmes.
Manage Self. Manage Team. Manage Business

Great leadership and management drive great organisations – harnessing and directing the skills and effort of their workforces. QA offers innovative learning solutions to support the managers journey within the organisation.

Management Essentials

Modern managers need to be versatile; able to focus on the detail as well as the big picture, able to adapt their communication style to the needs of their audience and to juggle multiple priorities. With the growth of virtual teams and with online communication continuing to increase the sophistication and speed of business, managers require a toolkit that equips them to confidently achieve their goals through flexible and agile management of their teams. QA’s suite of learning provides managers who are new to role, stepping up or want to develop their skills more deeply in a particular areas.

Developing Managers

With an increasing pressure to produce better results with less resources management capabilities are more important than ever. They face a multitude of challenges whilst being accountable for driving motivation and achieving goals throughout their teams and organisation. At QA we’ve developed learning that helps managers deliver operational excellence. We provide practical guidance and support to develop the sophisticated knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to build a high performance culture.

Developing Leaders

The world needs good leaders. Leadership is not a position bestowed on someone but a conscious decision to influence the thinking, feeling, acting and being of others to bring about transformation a change. Leaders develop through experience but they can accelerate their readiness to lead through intelligent preparation. Leadership is a complex set of attitudes, behaviours and competencies all of which take time to develop. QA’s approach focuses on leaders to do this.

Our leadership and management experts

Developing world-class learning programmes – the QA approach

We develop our bespoke learning programmes to meet your specific requirements and solve critical organisational needs, through a unique blend of leading learning methodologies.

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