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Skills for today's business people.

Improve effectiveness of individuals and teams through a range of critical behavioural skills
Individual. Team. Organisations.

Organisations continue to face the challenge of developing and maintaining a workforce that has the skills to meet a rapidly changing environment.

In an environment where productivity dictates improved business performance, QA enables organisations to improve personal effectiveness within their teams.

Behavioural skills enable people at all levels of organisations to deploy their strengths, knowledge and skills in ways that drive and support success at individual, team and organisational levels.

Our programmes are built around our experience and core belief that an organisation’s success is achieved through enabling its people to shine.

Improving Team and Personal Effectiveness - We work with organisations to develop skills at all levels in:

Personal Effectiveness

Helping your employees make the best use of their time, talents and all other personal resources at their disposal.

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Being a good communicator is more than just making yourself heard.  We help individuals and whole organisations develop the right skills to communicate effectively.

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Customer Experience

Every organisation has customers. Every customer interacts with organisations. Each interaction represents a ‘moment of truth’.  Learn how your organisation can maximise every customer interaction.

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Business Relationships

Relationship building is a critical skill in business - whilst it is intuitive for some, for many it is a challenge. Learn how to develop optimal business relationships through adjustment, compromise and negotiation

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Change Management

QA focus on developing the right leadership and team styles with cultural change strategies that enable organisations to change and work more effectively together and to adopt new ways of working to support whole business and digital and transformation.

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In today's increasingly competitive environment, people in specialist roles find they need more commercial awareness and are required to take responsibility for key decisions. QA provides an understanding of how individuals can focus on the critical business issues, in the context of an
organisation, the market and its environment.

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Our leadership and management experts

Developing world-class learning programmes – the QA approach

We develop our bespoke learning programmes to meet your specific requirements and solve critical organisational needs, through a unique blend of leading learning methodologies.

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